Tuesday, September 25, 2007

09/24/07 Dynamic Effort Squat

Speed Squats 285x8x2
Block Pulls (Mid-Shin) 405x3, 455x3, 505x3x3
Mini Band Seated Leg Curls (Alternating) 3x15
Monster Mini Woodchop/Ab Pull Down Complex 3x20

Performed Speed Squats, no box, with 55% of my assumed RAW squat of 525. the speed was fast, so fast that on the 3rd set I came up so fast I actually fell forward, luckily nothing got hurt. Next week I will go with 60% and check the speed. Powerlifting base on percentages? Are you on crack? Nope, but judging from some of the emails I have received, I think some folks get the percentages screwed up. So, it was requested that I post the percentages and what they are based off of.

For instance, todays percentage is based off my estimated RAW squat of 525, I recently smoked 505 RAW for 1 (on a deload week) and estimate I have 20-30lbs in the tank. So this cycle will have me going 55% on week 1, 60% on week 2 (speed permitting), and finally end on 65% in the third week. This is based off a new theory I am trying, essentially by choosing higher percentages as opposed to the more traditional 50% range, I will get more volume, move heavier weight, and develop speed with heavier weight. End result should be a higher squat...

Time will tell, because if there is one thing I have learned in powerlifting it is this, you must test, test ,test. Keep what works and trash what doesnt.

This means you must test over a period of time, trying a movement for 1 or 2 weeks then trying to make a determination of its effect on your training is not gonna get you to where you need to be. Use larger blocks of training, keep notes, then decide. Okay, hope this answers any questions guys and girls. BTW, I am a Drug Free Lifter and train RAW unless otherwise noted, for this reason I feel it necessary to adhere to prilipins chart.

Block Pulls are always a treat, not!!! I have these set at the worst possible postion for myself, but I believe it will bear fruit over time. The mid shin level is where I will breakdown in the lift, so that is where I start. To me success in Powerlifting boils down to this: Pick a weakness and hit it. This work was done with an eye for the speed, though the percentages are a bit high. I was sure make every rep fast, explosive, and with total resets. The lower back was pumped needless to say.

Well, thats about it, the band work was not very exciting, but necessary. My advice to anyone if you are doing leg curls with bands, try the in an alternating fashion next time. This proved to hit the hamstrings much harder for me. Like I said, test it and decide for yourself.


Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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