Thursday, September 06, 2007

09/05/07 DE Squat/Deadlift

SSB Speed Squats 285x8x2
75% Deadlifts 425x3x5
Pull Throughs 130x3x8
Ab Pull Down 100x3x12

Holy Hanna, my lower back got pumped up like Sally Struthers on Ho-Ho's. The Safety Squat Bar absolutely fried it, and the Deadlift buried it. I got to say the Safety Squat Bar is by far the best piece of powerlifting equipment I have had the opportunity to use. I am glad everytime I use it that I chose this bar instead on the cambered bar I almost bought instead.

The speed was better than last week, which means next week is up to 295 for 8x2. This was a bit surprising to me especially after all the hiking I did this weekend. The other good part is this is the first wave with the elevated dynamic effort percentages. I am quite confident this new approach will pack a few extra pounds on the old total. Guess we'll find out in a month or so.

The Deadlifts absolutely killed me. I was so out of breathe by the end of these, and all I could do was lay on the ground & stare at the ceiling for my rest period, rest periods only being about 1-1.5 minutes. This weight/rep scheme represented 75% of my previous 1 rep max, and adhered to the lower portion of prilipens chart. Either way, performed after speed squatting it killed me.....

The rest I barely remember as my head was a bit wonky from the Deadlifts. This powerlifting quest I'm on does that sometimes, but its workouts like this one that actually keep me going. Will I remember these workouts after I've totalled elite? Maybe, are these type's of seemingly unimportant "Dynamic Effort" days a vehicle to get me there? Most definitely. Not sure what this little rant was about, but thats what this blog is about, whatever the hell I feel like presenting.....

Keep It Dark, Keep It Heavy!!!

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