Thursday, September 27, 2007

09/27/07 Max Effort Squat

Low Box Squat w/Suit Bottoms 275x5, 335x3, 385x2, 440x1, 505x2, 525x2, 550x2x2
KB Swing Throughs 83x4x8
Ab Wheel 4x10

Tonight was off a bit, first thing, I had to lift late. The old lady had to work so I couldnt lift until the crumbsnatchers were fast asleep. Then to boot, the humidity level in my basement was unreal, I was winded in just the warm-ups....jeez!! Oh well, I checked the Hoo-Hoo, wiped the sand out of it, and moved on...

550 got smoked, was contemplating moving up, but I was pretty wiped by the end. By the way for those new readers out there, my low box is set about 1-2 inches below parallel, and my "super suit" is none other than a piece of crap Inzer champion suit, single ply. Thats right, pure powerlifting power baby!!!

Kettlebell Swing Throughs sucked ass too, I was a sweaty mess, wanted to quit, and kept thinking I heard my daughter crying, I honestly dont know how I got by when I only had one kid and trained at night, this sucks!!!

Finished up with the all mighty Ab Wheel, the most underrated piece of powerlifting training equipment invented. And no, I didnt stutter, you heard me right Chuckie, the Ab Wheel. Go ahead and laugh, but give this sucker a try and call me in the morning.

All in all I am happy with tonight, I dont normally train in gear, but I figured I probably ought to start throwing some of that in there. Heavier poundages handled are always good in powerlifting. Tomorrow, I figure I will throw in some extra accessory crap for slagging off after the main movement, oh well, Good Night for now....


Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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