Monday, January 23, 2006

01/22 ME Squat/DL

Suspended Good Mornings 135x5, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 295x3, 315x3
Reverse Hypers 3x10
Pull Through 100x3x8
Plate Pull 35x3x10

Took it easy, body is a little beat up from the weekend, went to one of my old bands gigs and got thoroughly smashed, dont remember how i got home and damaged my left big toe nail so that suckers gonna come off, and to boot i got a massive tooth ache from an abcessed tooth that i have let go for far too long, am waiting for the friggin dentist to call me as i type. So in reality im just happy i got the work out in, now its time to lick my wounds and lift some heavy ass weight!! short and to the point, l8r


Michael said...

Nice good mornings. Did you suspend those with chains? If not give those a shot or try doing rack lockouts the same way. Solid workouts all together.

nhpowerlifter said...

Yes, you have had some great workouts recently. How is the new Inzer shirt working out?

PowerLifter1974 said...

i suspend those with chains around 3ft off the ground, those things are killers!!! will definitely help the squat though, as far as the new shirt i just got it the other day and it would appear it is too small, and the wrong color(doesnt matter as much as the size) so once again Inzer has screwed up my order, i think im gonna return this stuff and go with titan or maybe metal dunno at this point. I have been out of commision the last few days, i had a Root Canal done on a tooth and the whole thing went south. I got a massive infection and my face ballooned from an abcess that was in the tooth, right now im in recovery mode taking painkillers and antibitotics, so i guess in a way i got my deload i've been trying to talk myself into. Thanks for the encouragement on the workouts, i've cruisin pretty good as of late so this is kind of a bum-deal with the dentistry, oh well, thats what i get neglecting my teeth......thanks for dropping by, l8r

nhpowerlifter said...

I read bad reviews about Inzer's Customer service and their lack of Shipping skillz all the time. If you plan on sticking with Inzer, I see people recommending alot.

PowerLifter1974 said...

Sweet, i will check them out, thanks!!

nhpowerlifter said...

There's always lots of inzer and titan stuff on ebay too.