Tuesday, January 31, 2006

01/30 ME Bench

2 Board Press 190x5, 225x3, 260x2, 300x1, 340x1, 365x1, 375x2 misses
Weighted Dips 55x3x8
EDT 6 Minute PR Zone
Seated Rows 180lbs 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3
Shrugs 225lbs 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3

Well i had all the intentions of nailing 375 on the 2 Board but i just couldnt get my set up to feel right. I still nailed my previous 365 pr though so at least i didnt lose anything. I still had residual soreness from my pin press the other day and today they finished my root canal so im not sure why i thought i would get it, the cards were definitely not stacked in my favor. Next time i will have no excuses and nail this shit!!! Overall it was a good workout, that EDT shit is killer, you gotta move to get that shit in. I chose 6 minutes because its an optimum time to keep me within Prilepins chart and adhere to the proper Rep range for Strength and Hypertrophy, but man this shit is brutal!!! Gonna raise the weight on the Shrugs this was the faster of the 2 excercises and i had to cut em down to 3 to compesate for the loss of speed on the Seated rows @ set 5. Oh well, this approach has recharged my workouts and allowed me to take longer breaks before ME's and still keep the workout around 45 minutes (including Warm-ups and Set-ups). I personally feel anything more than an hour and the law of diminshing returns kicks in.........oh yeah on 01/29 i did some Mobility/Ab intervals that nobody really wants to hear about so in case you were wondering i wasnt slacking on that day.......the body composition is coming along, my traps are popping up and my waist is shrinking and the weight is still at 200-204lbs so that is a good thing, no muscle loss. The old abs are coming through which hasnt happened in a long time, not a goal but still nice to see, i would like to lift at a lean 198 before jacking it up to the 220 class. At 5'7 im pretty stocky so another 10-15lbs of lbm in the right places should up the old total substantially, i guess time will tell..........now im ranting so i will go now, just a little bored at work........l8r


nhpowerlifter said...

Nice work Chris. That is a lot of work to do in 6 minutes. I'm thinking I should be doing something like that.
It looks you pick 2 exercises (6 sets?) each? Do you superset?

PowerLifter1974 said...

Yeah i superset them and mix it up with rest periods, i will perform the excercises back to back the first time then take a 30 second rest and do it again, when i start getting a little gassed i will take 20-30 seconds in between and do this until time expires. The next time i just have to perform at least one more rep with the same weight in the same amount of time. If you choose the right load this stuff will kick your ass, right now im catering to the strength and hypertrophy side of things, when i want to gain muscle i would take a 10 rm weight and take the antagonistic pairings approach for 15 minutes starting out with sets of 5 until the speed slows down then move down to 4's, 3's, etc.......the key is to use antagonist pairings. The cool part is to do more work/wolume you just tweak the rest periods and get there that way.....