Thursday, January 19, 2006

01/18 DE Squat/DL

Box Squat w/Bands 190x8x3
Speed DL's 250x8x1
Band Leg Curls Avg Bandx3x10
Donkey Raises 80x3x15

Dynamic effort day as stated before is a double edged sword, damned if yo udo em and damned if you dont. Its hard to tell without some sort of measuring device if your doing them fast enough or not but if you dont do them altogether then speed goes out the window. So i basically just trust in the day and do the shit as fast as possible,it probably takes around 1.5 seconds to perform 2 reps so i guess its fast enough. The speed off the box just seems to be an issue. Im no sure if im popping fast enough or not, im doing it as fast as i can but its still weird. I guess the good thing is that the next day (today) i fell my posterior chain so something must have went well!! Anyway im quite sure it was fine, again time will tell. I concentrated on driving my neck into the bar at the reversal and this seem to add quite a bit of pop and acceleration to the movement. Lately ive been trying to concentrate on specific portions of the lift for whatever particular movement and really concentrate on that part for the session. Thus far i have seen improvements so i gueses it works. Thats about it for now, tonight i will be doing some sort of fat burn activity either KB's or the Kick-the-snot-out-of-my-heavy-bag until next time......keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!

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