Friday, January 06, 2006

ME Bench

ME Bench Day

Floor Press 155x5, 185x3, 225x2, 250x1, 280x1, 315x1, 330xmissed (not feeling it today), so i dropped to 275x3x2
DB Tricep Ext 45lbsx4x8
Chest Supported Rows 95lbsx3x10
Push Press 185lbsx3x3

Not a bad day, i really cant complain. Missed my PR attempt on the Floor Press which kinda pissed me off, but i soon realized it was mostly psychological. I just wasnt in the Record Breaking mood today. Anyway, the Push Press was a late substitute because i just felt like doing them for some extra shoulder work, though my shoulders were pretty fried from the Floor Press. Like I stated earlier i am in the middle of a 12 week cycle of bands, chains, and straight weight and almost forgot to schedule in a deload, i think my CNS (Central Nervous System) is fried and might benefit from a week of low intensity movements, we'll see. I will gauge this off my ME movements in the next week, if i make PR's i will continue on, if i drastically miss one (not from a psychological stand point) i will consider the deload. Lets hope thats not the case.
On a side note i decided to order a PowerTec Squat Rack. To this point i have been using an angled type slant rack with a lat pulldown. The bad part of this is that there is no safety rails so when you walk the weight out there is nothing there in the case of a bad miss. I've been procrastinating on this for awhile and finally decided to get on with it, if i dont buy it now im gonna buy it later anyway, so fuck it, charge it!! I think this will help my Max Bench go up as now i wont have to expend any energy into the thought of a miss (catastrophic!!) I dont like the thought of getting stapled under 330+ pounds, got pinned under 275 a couple of years ago and my life literally flashed before my eyes, that took me a good 10 minutes of struggling to get out from under, that sucked!! so this should definitely on that note i must retreat to get my son some fruit snacks that he is so desperately begging for, so for now, if you hear a plop but see nothing, fear not, check the TP for trace evidence!!

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