Thursday, January 05, 2006

Last Nights GPP

Well last night was GPP night so I performed a DB Snatch/DB Swing Through complex. First time I’ve done this so I went pretty light, I loaded the DB with 50 lbs and did a Snatch, Swing, Snatch, Swing, Snatch, Swing then switch hands, this would constitute one set, did seven of these in ten minutes and my ass was kicked!!! If you want a good GPP workout and a pretty good Fat-Burn try this. Pavel Tsatsouline is a huge proponent of these sort of kettlebell’ish routines, I can see why. A couple of the guys on Elitefts have started doing kettlebell movements and speak very highly of them so I figured why not. Now I just gotta get some kettlebells so I can perform other complexes for accessory work. I am in the final stages of designing my own Adjustable Kettlebells utilizing piping with those wal-mart-type-cheapo-weights. I have a couple different styles and am deciding which one to go with, also which one will pose the smallest threat of removing a few inches of skin from my shin if contact is made!!! Will post more about that later, gotta love homemade equipment!!! Well that is it for now, got Dynamic Effort Squat w/chains tonight so look out for another update tonight………….until then, keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!

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