Wednesday, January 18, 2006

01/17 DE Bench

Bench Press w/Bands 165lbsx8x3
Pin Press 365x5x3
KB Alternating Rows 70x4x6-weight is less handle
KB Side Delt Swings 15x3x8-weight is less handle

This is the beginning of the 2nd half of my revamped 12 week cycle, didnt go too bad. My left shoulder was acting weird, it kind of hurt when not under stress but felt alright while pressing, dunno what to think of it. i may have possibly not been warmed up properly, all ths cold weather made by basement a friggin ice box!! I am looking forward to this next cycle, hoping to add some to the big three and feel i have a good approach so we'll see.
Oh yeah, on 11/16 i did the Fat burning routine with the Heavy-Bag, Speed Bag, Double End Bag, and Treadmill. well this one is kinda short but who cares! l8r

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