Tuesday, January 03, 2006

DE Bench

Today was Dynamic Effort Day, felt pretty good, here's what i did:

Bench Press w/Chains 195x9x3 w 45 seconds rest between sets
Rack Lock-Outs (from sticking point) 315lbsx4x6
Seated Rows 200lbsx4x6
Snatch Grip Upright Row 135lbsx4x6

The speed still seemed to be there considering this is my 2nd week on this 3 week mini-cycle with chains, came up from 185lbs, will end cycle on 205lb, speed permitting.
Dynamic day is always weird as i always second guess myself on just how much force i applied to the bar. I mean yeah, i move it fast, but is it with maximum force? are all neurons and fibers firing simultaneously? guess i will find out at the end of this 12 week cycle, if i get stapled to the bench, it didnt work, if i get stuck at midpoint then i know the speed work was successful and my accessory work needs to be addressed.....but with any luck and a butt load of hard work it really shouldnt be a problem.
Well other than a few psychological issues i had (mind kept drifting off into space about inane crap) dynamic day was good, am looking forwards to going back to the bands though, those suckers build mad speed!!! til next time.....keep it dark, keep it heavy!!

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