Friday, January 27, 2006

01/27 DE Bench

Bench Press w/Bands 165x8x3
#9 Pin Press 365x3, 385x3x3, 400x3, 410x3, 435x3
EDT style for 6 minute PR Zone
KB Alternating Rows 85x5x5
BB Shrugs 225x5x5

Tonight was a good night, like i said before all these KB movements have made my shoulders feel incredible, the popping has subsided and overall they just feel stronger. Before they used to feel like they were on the verge of snapping when under heavier loads but not anymore. The Dynamic BP was great, i felt faster than the previous tiime i performed these (pre-tooth incident) and then came the huge accomplishment, the Pin Press. The last time i did these i only got 365 for 5 sets of 3, today i started with that and it just felt light as hell, so i jumped up and did 385 for 3 sets of 3, then 400 for a set of 3, then 410 for a set of 3, and finally i had some ass kickin music come on and said fuck it!!!, im throwin 435 on there and taking it for a ride!!! The shit went up fairly easy for the Triple. Im quite excited as now i have a new PR on that excercise and a new base to develop from on that one. Next up was a new idea i decided to throw in to the mix to help speed things up and give my self a feeling of efficiency. Im sticking to my original outline but am doing the final two accessory movements in EDT fashion which helps to develop speed strength and induce some hypertrophy. Ive had great success with this system in the past when i wanted to develop my arms, i did the Massive Arms EDT program and put one and a half inches on my arms in 12 weeks (15.5 inches to 17 inches on the nose). When you follow this protocol it will kick your ass and deliver results so im quite excited to see how this fits in with the Westside template.
The new antibiotics have kicked in so i feel pretty damned good and i felt it tonight, hopefully when they finish this friggin Root Canal on monday i dont have any backlash, trust me the fingers are crossed......well thats it for now and as always, keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!


John McDonald said...

That massive arms program sounds interesting. I've got measly 13" biceps, myself.
Way to go on those pin presses, what exactly was your range of motion on these?

PowerLifter1974 said...

i set the pins at the point where my elbows begin to flare on a normal bench pressing motion to hit the triceps, the range of motion is around 9 inches if i had to guess, in the coming weeks/months im going to start doing presses from above and below this point to hit all levels of the movement, should be fun!! The Massive arms thing was awesome, i took a chance on it, it was one of those things that seemed to good to be true so i researched charles staley and found him to be a cutting edge strength and conditioning coach so i went with it and am more than happy. I ended up purchasing his EDT DVD which outlines the whole approach for escalating density training, i highly recommend it. Here's a link to his site if your interested:

nhpowerlifter said...

nice job on the pin presses.....that's a nice PR. a 17" arm is pretty big. the biggest mine have ever been is 16 and that was 3 years ago, when I was lifting alot. i would like to jack'em up again. they're probably around 15 right now.

PowerLifter1974 said...

before i grew em out i used to be a bit obsessed with the size of em, now they're that size i kinda wish i would have waited, i could have used the extra weight that came with em for more functional muscle/weight elsewhere, like the legs and back, oh well thats what i i do no direct arm work and they stay 17 so go figure....oh well....