Thursday, January 12, 2006

01/11 DE Bench Press

Bench Press w/Chains 205lbsx9x3
JM Presses 245lbsx4x6
DB Triceps Ext 45lbsx3x8
Pull-Ups Bodyweight 4x6
Kettlebell Side Raises 25lbsx3x8

Kind of a depressing night, was hurried to get this one done quick and wasnt too sure of what exactly i wanted to do. Lately i've become sick of JM Presses and do not feel they help out much, i feel them more in my chest than triceps, as a matter of fact i dont really feel them in my tri's so i guess its sayonora for that movement. Maybe i'll revisit this one later. I threw in some DB Tri's to feel like i did something with them. I think i may just alternate between pin lockouts and 4 board presses, of course the new rack may give me a plethora of excerises to introduce so we'll see. I will be picking it up tonight since the friggin moving company says they cant get an 18 wheeler down my street and they dont have anything smaller, FUCKERS!!! oh well, the price you pay to be strong i guess. Tonight will be a sort of GPP type night as far as excercising goes, i doubt i will have this sucker assembled in time to do a workout, and to boot i will probably be beat after the assembly as experience dictates, so i guess we'll on that one.
Oh yeah, got my kettlebell handles from new yourk barbell and they are pretty cool, though they have a knurled grip which i am gonna remove, the knurling makes it hard to do a proper snatch, the knurling digs in and screws up the fluidity of the movement so its sayanora for that shit as well. (just felt like using sayanora in a sentence as i dont get that chance very often)
So thats it for now and remember this, confucious say-man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day!!!

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