Sunday, January 08, 2006

ME Squat

ME Squat

Quick hip mobility work (2min's) then worked up to starting weight
Manta Ray Box Squats 200x5, 250x3, 280x2, 315x1, 365x1, 400x1 PR, 410 missed!!!
DB Snatch/Db Swing complex- 50lbsx8 complexes in 10 minutes
-all ME work done with belt only after 90% is reached

Kinda scaled back on total volume today as i have been feeling a bit fried as of late, figured i might work this week into a sort of deload week in preparation for my new toys coming, really psyched about the new squat rack. I missed my 410 manta ray attempt because of this, i got off the box then stalled just above parallel (I squat off an 11 inch box by the way) then as im straining i start thinking how it would suck if i passed out while using this current rack and having the weight came crashing down on me, so i saved some energy and dumped the weight onto the second set of j-hooks. This is quite a hairy ordeal when you are totally gassed and trying to think straight. So based on that alone i feel next time i will smoke this weight. This excercise is really frustrating because you would think by placing the bar a few inches higher on your back would cause such a decrease in the poundage, oh well. Next week im on to a new seet of ME excercises for 6 more weeks so the mixing up of things should invoke some more PR's.
On another note the Patriots won so the week is off to a great start already!!! Pats win, new toys, life dont get much better...........til next time keep it dark, keep it heavy!!


nhpowerlifter said...

Nice work on the PR. Once you get your new power rack, you will be ready for another. What movement do you use for the hip mobility work?

PowerLifter1974 said...

dynamic stretching with front leg swings, side leg swings, and rear leg swings. Then i will do dynamic arched back good mornings unweighted followed by super wide squat to bench for around 20 reps, just enough to get my hamstrings loosened up and the hips definitely hopin the new power rack comes with new PR's, that would be sweet!!!