Thursday, January 05, 2006

DE Squat

Tonight was Dynamic Effort Squat,

Box Squat w/Chains 215lbsx8x2
Dimel DL's 225lbsx4x6
One-Legged Squats 40lbsx4x10
BB Calf Raises 245lbsx4x10

Went well, after proper warm-up tight back went away and caused me no problems, been having a problem on De Day with lower back pain a few sets into my workouts, to alleviate this i started focusing on Hip Mobility warm-ups and taking a few extra warm-up reps. Since doing this for the last two weeks the back pain has dramatically subsided, thats a good thing.
On a side note i was all excited to get my Inzer Rage 50 bench shirt today. I ordered a 46 originally but couldnt get into it, so i sent it back requesting a 50 and what do the shit-heads, they send back a size 46, fucking morons!! oh well, this sucks too as i was planning possibly entering the Keene Meet thats coming up at the end of the month, if i dont get at least 3 workouts in the sucker that aint happening, though i guess i could do the bench raw.....oh well guess we'll see.
Ordered some adjustable Kettlebells off New York Barbell as they had a sweet deal on a set, turned out to be cheaper than the version i was designing so it was a no brainer. Im pretty psyched for those, after last nights GPP using a Dumbbells for the KB movement, im pretty sore in places i didnt think of....maybe those crazy russians were onto something....who knows.......well enough for now, until next time wipe three times just to be safe!!!

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